The Lounge

The upscale yet comfortable Greensleeves Steakhouse lounge, The Absent 9, offers an inviting place to grab a drink and gather with friends.

You won’t find more extraordinary drinks in town. Experienced mixologists were tasked with hand-crafting remarkable, unique cocktails… and boy, did they deliver. A few of the standouts include a Smoked Applewood Margarita—yes, that’s a margarita smoked in-house, right in front of you—and the Black Basil, consisting of fresh blackberries, top-shelf gin, lime juice, simply syrup—strained and garnished with an end note of basil. And we can’t forget about the much sought-after Lychee Martini. Made with Chopin vodka, fresh lychee juice, and a little lime juice, it may seem simple, but you’re going to want to see (and taste!) the way our mixologists create the foam head to top off this refreshing cocktail. These are just a few house favorites—come in for the full menu and experience.

Speaking of experience, The Absent 9 presents a sense of easy luxury as soon as you enter the room. From the low-profile, intimate seating to the opulent lighting, the lounge is truly a center for art & craft cocktails. The work of local artists is on display and available for purchase, following with the Greensleeves Steakhouse theme of honoring the traditions and community of the Inland Empire—past (as showcased by the historical Redlands artwork in the dining room) to present. The Absent 9 has its own entrance, as well, so keep an eye out for our speakeasy events, another nod to the building’s history.

Why the name The Absent 9? Take a look at all the historical buildings throughout Redlands. You’ll notice numbers hammered onto the exterior of the building. Our number nine fell down over a century ago… and has remained that way ever since.

Along with the lounge upstairs, you’ll also find our private dining room, David’s Room. Please contact us for reservations.